Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is used to ensure your website is search engine friendly, basically does your website appear when you search for your website on google? This also brings together other media channels including: social media & marketing campaigns. It is a simple expectation that any website should appear at the top when the user searches for the website name.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You name it, these are some of the greatest social media platforms available to you, for free! We recommend that you create as many as you can handle because you never know which stream your users will react to your purpose most, and you wouldn’t want anyone else to take your username away from you! We fully understand these platforms and how to utilise them effectively for your project.


Sadly you can’t get away from advertising, but (there is a but) it can work in your favour! using advertising services from business leads like google, we can create personal adverts that only show to your desired target audience and these are marketed so you get the most out of your budget. Google Adwords is also similar to Facebook adverts which displays on the social media platform.

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